Frequently Asked Questions...
The Story - We purchased the domain name Syracuse.Net in the early 2000's to be used for our nationwide ISP for Macintosh customers. The business closed in 2017 and we kept the domain name idle. Earlier this year I wrote the song Come On Back, and wanted a way to "get it out there" as Bob Piorun and Julie Howard did an excellent job helping to make it a very nice song.

One idea leading to another, make a website where local musicians can offer their Original creations for people to enjoy. Thus, Syracuse.Net has a new life!

How Does it Work? Trying to Keep It Simple...find tunes you want, Add them to your cart, then Checkout with Paypal. MP3 files of your selections will be e-mailed to your address. Files can be added to your Music Library or played on your device. No streaming involved, the songs (mp3 files) reside on your device.

How to submit a selection to the Music List? e-mail ( or send via Facebook, your mp3 files of ORIGINAL songs(s), your selling price and your e-mail address. Once a month, your sales, minus Paypal fees, will be forwarded to your Paypal account. We are running payments through Wayne's Computer paypal account. You will receive a report each month there are sales. The cost to the Artist is zero.

My Contacts. e-mail:
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The Goal. Help local musicians get their music to others to enjoy... and to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Wayne Bibbens
Feb 26, 2024