for sale:

1961 Corvette



We had a 1960 Corvette in the mid 1970’s that we used to show.  That Corvette was pretty much a wreck and we restored it over a years time.  Was a show winner.  That was 45 years ago.

We bought this 1961 in September 2018 thinking all would be the same as 45 years ago... forgot one thing, we’re 45 years older now.  It is just too hard to climb in and out of this beautiful Corvette.  We have a ’66 Coupe that we can sit in and enjoy the cruises... so would like to end up, somehow, with a 1965 or 1966 Corvette convertible. See the link above “Corvette Wanted” for  more information on what we’re looking for.

Questions... e-mail :  Corvette@Syracuse.Net


The Story...

For Sale is our 1961 Roman Red Corvette...actually looking to trade towards a Nassau Blue 1965 Convertible or a 1966 Laguna Blue convertible.  We are too old for this vintage automobile!